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ORLEN Unipetrol RPA s.r.o. (entity of ORLEN Unipetrol Group) is a long-time traditional producer of CHEZACARB® AC.
CHEZACARB® AC is a group of high-quality electroconductive carbon blacks, applied as additives to facilitate final adjustments to plastic and rubber material electroconductive properties. In response to market requirements for cost-effective electroconductive materials, ORLEN Unipetrol spent the last year searching for ways to utilize cost-effective types of CHEZACARB® AC and exploring methods to eliminate the influence of present (heavy) metals on potential deterioration of thermo-oxidative stability, while simultaneously preserving the rest of the required final product parameters.

Rigorous research and testing has yielded a solution in the form of a unique procedure used during production of electro-conductive masterbatches, which ORLEN Unipetrol supplies under the trademark MAKROPLUS® CC. These masterbatches are usable in all commonly used thermoplastics, such as PP, LDPE, HDPE, EVA, PA6, PS, PC, and POM. They can either be diluted with appropriate plastics, or directly processed using most common plastic processing technologies, such as injection molding, extrusion, foil and container blow-molding, foam molding, etc. Moreover, by employing metal deactivators, ORLEN Unipetrol is able to remarkably enhance the thermal stability of its masterbatches.

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